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Hanbok Rental Fare

You can choose from A type and B type chima (skirt), and choose the rental time from 2 hours or 4 hours.


A type, B typeAll plans include dressing, hair set, hair accessories, bag, and locker usage fee. *We do not provide men's hairstyles.

Gurumi Hanbok does not charge additional fees for hair sets, petticoats (paniers), and bags. Prices displayed on the website and in stores include tax.


[Type A women's hanbok]

2 hours 35,000 won
4 hours 40,000 won

*Gradation and separate type chima that is an upgraded version of traditional hanbok. 

*Sizes up to 5L are available.


[B type women's hanbok]

2 hours 25,000 won
4 hours 30,000 won

Popular embroidered type. With a wide variety of colors and patterns, you can enjoy coordinating with your friends in different colors.

*Sizes up to 5L are available.


[Men's Hanbok]
2 hours from 25,000 won-
4 hours from 30,000 won-

[Crown prince]
2 hours 30,000 won
4 hours 35,000 won



2 hours from 33,000 won-
4 hours from 38,000 won-

The upper garment is characteristic. The costume is marked just like the king. It is also recommended to enjoy couple coordination with the king and queen.


※We also have hanbok (male and female) for children (over 1 year old).


【Free service】

petticoats, hairstyles, accessories, handbags, lockers
* Free hat for men's hanbok

【Charged option】
​Women's hat

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